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  • Extra virgin olive oil

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    Agricola Fratepietro extra virgin olive oil is a 100% Italian medium fruity oil obtained from Bella di Cerignola and Coratina olives. The blend, cold extracted, is the perfect combination of typical Apulian aromas and flavours. Balanced taste and intense color make our extra virgin olive oil the emblem of high quality and traditional cuisine.

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    Fratepietro Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used raw or for cooking. Its versatility is given by the balanced taste given by an incisive harmony between bitter and spicy. The strongly floral scent conquers you immediately, thanks to the marked notes of tomato and aromatic herbs. On the palate it is enveloped in notes of almonds but above all of freshly cut grass. When tasted, the surprise: a spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste. Fratepietro extra virgin olive oil is ideal for enhancing dishes based on white meats, salads, vegetables, steamed or grilled fish, fresh cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta, pinzimoni and hot bruschetta with homemade bread.

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