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    Our local artichoke from Puglia is handmade immediately after harvesting according to the traditional recipe.
    They are preserved in sunflower oil, a neutral oil to guarantee and preserve the natural flavor of the artichoke.
    Pasteurized product, without allergens.
    Contains: artichokes, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

    Taste of

    "Apulia imperial"

    The Apulian artichoke has grown and harvested in the “Apulia Imperial”, an area so known to indicate those territories dominated under the reign of Frederick II of Swabia, that is the all visible territories from Castel Del Monte, place of his hunting estate, on the Murge.
    Excellent for liver purification and for body detoxification , the artichoke is a vegetable rich in active principles and vitamins those confer purifying, digestive and anti-cholesterol properties.

    Carciofotto Fratepietro